Port Community System Global Logistics IT Leader, KL-Net

By providing one-stop B2B/B2G services related
to import/export logistic between business
entities via port community system,
We contribute to reduction of corporation's costs
and enhancement of national port competitiveness.

Port Community System

Service Overview

Service Overview

B2G Single Window Service

B2G service facilitates the handling of various export and import declaration tasks through Single Window of EDI, Web, XML. Our customer can conveniently complete all of export and import declaration tasks with just a single declaration.

Single window for declaration of vessel entry/departure For declaration of entry/departure of vessels, this service provides one-stop declaration system of entry and departure of vessels to export/import related government organizations such as "Port Authority", "CIQ Organizations", etc.
Manifest Consolidation Service Consolidate Manifest from ocean carriers and forwarders, submit consolidated manifest to Korea Customs Service via EDI, and share it with related logistics entities.
Dangerous cargo consolidation and declaration service Shippers can process 'dangerous goods inspection' from "Korea Maritime Dangerous Goods Inspection Center" via EDI. We also provide dangerous goods information sharing service with "Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries" for logistics efficiency.
Railroad transportation service By interfacing with "KROIS(Korea Railroad Operating Information System)" service, Customers can apply to "Korean Railroad Corporation" about cargo transportation apply, allocation of freight car, notice of allocation results, etc.
Billing Service Customers can pay a bill for using port facilities without visiting bank or government agency by automating billing and receipt process electronically.
Advance Foreign Cargo Declaration Service 24 hours before departure, customers can declare their cargos to Japan Customs.

B2B Port Community System

B2B service contributes to reduction of logistics cost and enhancement of national logistics competitiveness by delivering and sharing booking, waybill, result of transport, shipping documents and inspection works via EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) among supplier and consumer of export and import logistics such as shippers, ocean carriers, forwarder, trucking companies and terminals, etc.

Service for ocean carrier By using standardized system, ocean carriers can co-utilize vessel information, container shipment/delivery information, equipment/cost information with terminals, trucking companies for efficiency.
Service for shipper/forwarder By electronically submitting/receiving import/export related documents such as Booking, S/R, B/L, Export Permits, Tax invoice, Transaction Receipts, etc. Documentation work can be dramatically reduced and processed automatically.
Service for trucking company Based on delivery order from ocean carrier, we support trucking companies for "Confirmation of load/unload location", "Confirmation of delivery order", "Submission of Electronic Documents containing COPINO" to container terminal.
Service for terminal Provide basic information via EDI required for efficient terminal operation from ocean carriers and trucking companies.
Electronic tax bills As a first authorized standard electronic tax bills service operator, we provide electronic tax bills issue and submission service.
Information providing Service provide information service of carry in/out, container load/unload, entrance/departure of vessels, and all sorts of statistics.