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We provide cost-effective IT outsourcing service
with systematic quality control,
experts from each fields, and expedite help desk.

IT Outsourcing

Services Overview

IT Outsourcing is one of the managing methods to contract with outside experts for all management task of company’s information system.
Customers can solve various IT tasks effectively such as stabilizing, simplifying, improving security, improving service quality, reducing expense, etc. through KL-Net’s IT outsourcing service.

수출입전자물류 단일 창구

Service Information

· Network Service
Main Service
  • ­Opertaion, Security Management, Error Management, Performance Management
  • Systematic problem solving by experts from various areas,
  • Ability to gather statistics and analyze data,
  • Ability to provide services to around 5,000 customers including government agencies and private companies
· Application Service
Main Service
  • ­Application development
  • ­Extension and improvement of the existing application
  • ­User education and support
  • ­Experience of establishing a various applications in public/private sector
  • ­Provision of various enterprises S/W such as logistics, business, finance, statistics, groupware, etc.
  • ­Applying systematic standard product quality management (ISO 9001, SP Quality Certificate Level 2)
· Data Center Service
Main Service
  • ­Main frame / Server management
  • Integrated storage management
  • ­Database management
  • ­Holding abundant know-how and superior technique as a total logistics information VAN operators
  • Holding a data center with optimized equipment and security network environment
  • ­ISO 9001, SP Quality Certification and SLA-based quality management
· Helpdesk Service
Main Service
  • ­Application support service
  • Network, Server technical support service
  • ­Quick troubleshooting through single window
  • Immediate treatment of various problems by special expert
  • ­Preventing problems by regular monitoring

Successful cases

Successful cases
  • ­Development and maintenance of Port-MIS in Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
  • Development and maintenance of Port-MIS in Busan Port Authority
  • ­Development and maintenance of information system in Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority
  • ­Development and maintenance of Port-MIS in Incheon Port Authority
  • Development and maintenance of Port-MIS in Ulsan Port Authority