e-Truck Bank Global Logistics IT Leader, KL-Net

By matching cargo and vehicle information
online in real-time, we are enhancing
transport efficiency and visibility.

e-Truck Bank

Service Overview

e-Truck Bank Service supports real-time matching online between transport user’s freight and transport provider’s vehicle. It increases transport efficiency and visibility through transport management system, mobile car dispatching management system, and location monitoring system.

eTruck Bank

Service Information

Shipper Service Shippers can compare transport companies via freight information network “e-truck bank” to consign their freight to adequate transport company, and also use real-time transport management service to reduce cost by opening their freight information to many transport companies.
Transport company service Transport companies can satisfy legal requirements by using "e-truck bank" service. It meets various legal requirements such as “satisfaction of direct transportation ratio", ”management responsibility of consigned freight", ”freight performance registry", and etc.
Vehicle owner Service With “e-truck bank”, vehicle owners can request orders for shared freight and register their empty state for dispatch. In this way, they can reduce empty state rate of vehicle and enhance their incomes.
Monitoring & Controlling Service Users can integrate e-truck bank's location tracking system into their internal transportation management system without initial investment costs. Users can also use e-truck bank’s transportation management system as a whole to control trucks and transportation.
Integrated transportation
management system development
KL-net provides customized integration of transportation management system.