Big-data Global Logistics IT Leader, KL-Net

We collect, store, and analyze corporation's
massive data to provide data analysis
and visualization services to assist
in data based decision making.


Service Overview

Service Overview
Big data technology
  • Hadoop based data storing and optimization
  • In-Memory based data processing and analysis
  • Supporting various pre-process modules for different environments
  • MapReduce/parallel indexing parameter handling technology
  • Customized analysis model development using Open source R
  • Application of mass data search indexing (LSM, Keyword index, etc)
  • Make user defined dash board and chart

Example of applicable fields

Analysis of container terminal congestion
  • Analyzing container terminal congestion and providing results to shipper, trucking company for effective terminal management
Analyzing the quantity of import/export goods transported from/to nations
  • Forecast each route’s import/export data by using correlation analysis method with exchange rate, fare index, oil index, etc.
  • Analyzing container movement data to assist in empty container supply schedule management.
Transportation big-data analysis
  • Analyzing correlations of hazard aspects like types of driving, transportation information, weather, geometric structure, etc., to identify roads with high level of hazards so that one can pre-respond
  • Predicting high-way traffic via change of social buzz quantity related to events of region and transportation quantity correlation analysis.


  • Provided Big-data consulting service for Busan Port Authority.
  • Provided Ocean data analysis PoC for National Fisheries Research & Development Institute.
  • Provided big-data analysis service for Korea Expressway Corporation.
  • Provided internal data analysis for National Pension Corporation.
  • Establishment of big-data Platform for LG Electronic Corporation.
  • Provided smart data analysis service for LG Electronic Corporation.
  • Transport logistic data analysis and Insight discovery