CEO Message Global Logistics IT Leader, KL-Net

KL-Net is a corporation specialized
in logistics IT field established by
logistics-related organizations and
corporations with the objective of
enhancing national competitiveness.

Kang, Bumgou President & CEO


Today, the world is changing at a rapid pace, driven by technological innovations. These changes are ushering in a new era for logistics.
KL-Net, established for the enhancement of national competitiveness through logistics cost reduction in 1994 by the Korean government and major logistics
companies, has been leading the paperless e-logistics business in Korea. Since its establishment, KL-Net has devoted to boost competitiveness of the business and the nation by keeping the logistics costs down and improving business efficiency from its professionalism and versatility backed with robust technology.
In the future, KL-Net will evolve into a leading logistics platform company, extending its business to build rich application experience with an even higher level
of product and service quality. We are committed to strengthening our core competencies and diversifying our business with creativity and passion within a vibrant corporate culture for a new takeoff - customer satisfaction and shareholder value are always our first and foremost goal.
Just watch us innovate and reach our goal.

Thank you.

Academic Background

May 1987∼Oct. 1989
  • Diplome d'Etude Approfondue, Mecanique des Sol-Structures, Ecole Centrale de Paris, FRANCE
Mar. 1980∼Feb. 1982
  • M. S., Agricultural Eng., Seoul National University
Mar. 1976∼Feb, 1980
  • B. S., Agricultural Eng., Seoul National University
Mar. 1973∼Jan. 1976
  • Kyungpook National University High School

Professional Background

July 2015~Present
  • President & CEO of Korea Logistics Network Corporation
May 2013~Dec. 2015
  • Advisory of Korea Maritime Institute(KMI)
Jan. 2012∼Apr. 2013
  • Deputy Minister for Logistics and Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
Feb. 2010∼Jan. 2012
  • Director General of Ports & Harbours, MLTM
Dec. 2007∼Feb. 2010
  • Director General of Busan Port Construction Office, MLTM
Dec. 2006∼Dec. 2007
  • Director General of Port Reconstruction, Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries(MOMAF)
Feb. 2006∼Dec. 2006
  • Trainee at the Institute for Unification Education
Apr. 2004∼June 2014
  • Member of Executive committee,
  • International Association of Ports and Harbours(IAPH)
Jan. 2001∼Feb. 2006
  • Director of Port Policy Division, Director of Port Development Division, MOMAF
Mar. 1997∼Jan. 2001
  • Director of Incheon Port Authority & Busan Port Authority
May 1981∼Mar. 1997
  • MOMAF, Donghae Port Authority, Korea Maritime & Port Administration, Overseas study to France, Busan Port Authority, Kyungpook povincial government office