History Global Logistics IT Leader, KL-Net

KL-Net has been carrying out continuous
developments and service innovation
to create value for customers.


KL-Net History

  • Designated maritime logistics information exchange service provider
  • Maritime Manifesto Comsolidation Service
  • PLISM 3.0 Service
  • Gasan District Branch Office Open
  • Sejong District Brand Office Open


The Takeoff Period : Diversification of Service and Expansion to Overseas Markets

  • Win a Top Winner of the eAsia award “The standardization prooject of Technology and Information for Efficient Logistics Tansport”
  • Contract with Seband, KCTC and Sam Ik Logistics of using Zimchanet, Smart Cargo Logistics Service
  • Win a Top Winner of the eAsia award “The standardization prooject of Technology and Information for Efficient Logistics Tansport”
  • Signed a MOU with Time Engineering Berhad, Malaysia
  • Filed a Patent for ‘A real-time exception diagnosis and handling system and its methodology for operation/planning of container teeminals’ (Patent No.10-0870168)
  • A Technical Cooperation Agreement with Korea Transportation Safety Authority (TS) on Transportation Logistics Convergence
  • ‘The Best e-Logistics Company Award’ by Korea Logistics Society
  • MOU between Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs and Libya Port Authority for implementation of U-Port
  • Total Oceanographic Information System (TOIS) Project Obtained a Patent for Berth and Resource Planning System of Container Terminals Achieve an EPCglobal certificate (Electronic Product Code) for RFID solution, ULINKERS
  • Malaysia e-Vessel Clearance Project
  • Port-MIS Upgrade Project ASEAN Maritime Database Project
  • Ubiquitous LED System for Ulsan Port Authority(consortium with Samsung Electro-Mechanics)
  • Win the 1st prize in 8th Korea SW business competitiveness Award (Development/Operation section) - ULINKERS
  • CMMI Level 3 Certificate LogisBill - Selected as the best ASP
  • Win the prize from Prime Minster in Korea Logistics Award
  • Win the 1st prize in Korea S/W Best Business Award (PLISM)
  • Intelligent Location Recognition Security System (U-VISES)
  • Win the eASIA Award in public enterprise e-business (PLISM, e-business revitalization)
  • Registered a patent ‘Electronic tax bill issuing system and management ways by mobile’(Patent No.10-1733475)
  • Win the first Korean Society for Supply Chain Management Award
  • Achieve ISO 9001 certificate


The stability Period : Company Transparency and reliability Uplift and internal capability reinforcement

  • Creation of Vision 2020
  • e-Tax invoice Service (LogisBill)
  • Port logistics integrated service for maritime business (PLISM)
  • Selected as an ASP business in the maritime transport/logistics area (Ministry of Information and Communication)
  • Established a local joint corporation in China
  • egistered in KOSDAQ market


The growing Period : Service expansion and Solution development

  • Automated shipping service for manufacturer(BtoB)
  • XML/EDI solution (ReXpis)
  • Terminal operation & management system(ATOMS)
  • Win a President’s commendation for the contribution to maritime transport and port computerization
  • System management business(outsourcing) for MLTM, port Authority
  • Import/export freight batch processing system
  • Land freightage EDI service


The quickening Period : System building and EDI service opening

  • Electronic civil affair services(BtoG) for rail freightage
  • Container terminal gate automation service
  • Designated as an exclusive operator for Integrated Logistics Information Network (Ministry of Construction and Transportation)
  • Port-MIS electronic civil affair services (BtoG) Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, (MLTM)
  • Customs electronic cargo gate in/out notifiction service
  • Relay system and commence import/export logistics EDI services
  • Establishment of Korea Logistics Network Corp.