Overview Global Logistics IT Leader, KL-Net

KL-Net provides logistics EDI service
(PCS, Port Community System), system integration, IT consulting, and
logistics solutions to enhance our customer's business competitiveness.

KL-Net has devoted to provided the most robust and comprehensive solutions to streamline maritime operation and service.

KL-Net was invested by Korean government and major logistics companies in order
to enhance national competitiveness within the maritime industry.
KL-Net is the exclusive operator of all Korean ports.

KL-Net continues to grow and expand business scope, from to every single corner of logistics field. KL-Net provides total package solutions for port logistics industry.

General Fact

Date of Establishment April 1st, 1994 History
President & CEO Jung, Jiwon
Number of Employees 172
Offices [Head office] (06246) Klnet Building, 153, YeokSam St(YeokSan Dong 748-14), Gangnam Gu, Seoul Shi

[Busan office] (47241) 3,4,5th floor, KyungDong Bld, 806th of Joongang St(Jeonpo 2 Dong 874-4), Busanjin-Gu, Busan-Shi

[Sejong office] (34068) 6th floor, Bestone Bld, 24th of Banseok St (Banseok Dong 638-8), Yusung Gu, Dajeon Shi

[Gasan office] (08505) Room number 315, World Merdian Bld 2, 123th of Gansan Digital St number 2, Geumcheon Gu, Seoul Shi
Capital 12 Million Won