Standardization Global Logistics IT Leader, KL-Net

We lead technology in marine / port / logistics
area by participating in various
domestic / international standardization activities,
sharing our leading technology,
and taking part in national R&D projects.

Activity of Standardization

Importance of standard Research

Technological aspect
  • Making it possible to connect effective and consistent information via aid of shipping logistic branch’s mutual management and sharing of information
  • Grasping good position via future technology of nautical network technology branch.
  • Leading Standardization in Sea / Shipping logistic related organization, for example, IMO, UN / CEFACT, ITU, IALA, etc.
  • Enhancement of possibility of connection to system of shipping logistic system via standardization of nautical network technology.
  • Leading nautical network technology as international standardization organization
Aspect of economical / industry
  • Reduction of logistic costs via enlargement of effectiveness via management of real time cargo and shipping methods.
  • Promoting enhancement of logistic productivity via establishment of exact logistic schedule by upgrading shipping logistic predict possibility.
  • Expecting creation of new profit model from High-added value logistic shipping informative service
  • Pursuing international standardization considering domestic state and Increasing national awareness via active participation of international logistic standard establishment

Scope of research

Shipping Logistic international organization activity for standardization
  • Research of electronic version of authentication certificate and methods of electronic contact of notes for effective shipping logistic.
  • Advertisement of standardization strategy via international standardization committee and Acceptance of an opinion from domestic / international professionals.
  • Pursuing international project for shipping logistic international standardization and exchange of information
  • Following trend of agenda from organization and committee related to shipping logistic.
Activity for shipping logistic network technology standardization
  • Establish international standard and Re-define for shipping logistic related business and standard data model.
  • Research of application methods of ubiquitous shipping infra connection and advanced technology and establishment of standardization strategy.
  • Writing and submitting technology standardization agenda for international standardization committee.
  • Presentation of technology agenda and get ties on via continuous participation of international committee.

Activity of standardization

Persisting understanding and diffusion of trend of new technology.
  • Development of Platform / architecture, service model for logistic IT assimilation
  • Push ahead application way of logistic IT like big-data, cloud, internet of things, etc.
  • Establishment of knowledge sharing system via internal technology spread.
Attending of national Research / Development business Project.
  • Persisting finding of research development business
  • Acquisition of technological skills via fulfilling National Research Business
  • Establishment of cooperation system between industry / university / institute and contribution to related business via results of research.
  • Analysis of direction of technology via development of national policy research.
  • Push ahead of national R&D for creation of business model and development of technology for global / sustainable logistic.
International development cooperation and seeking foreign reach.
  • Attending technological cooperation business related to shipping logistic information with international organizations.
  • Carry International Projects in Shipping Harbors logistic part like IMO, UN / CEFACT, etc.
  • Promote advanced harbour management technology indicator and applied cases.
  • Design business model of international cooperation based on standardization.
Domestic / international standardization activity.
  • Attending various standardization activity and spreading technology.
  • Leading shipping harbor logistic informative system’s international standardization.
  • Attending committee of domestic / international related to standardization and conducting standard technical expert.
  • Fusion technology development for future technological competitiveness enhancement and conduct of standardization based on technology.
Enhancement of industry standardization activity.
  • Enhancement of S/W Development level (commercialization Level)
  • pursue differentiation via graft of leading company
  • set intellectual property rights.